The Dirt Show: Episode 9

Week 9 is here and we are excited to bring on 2 special guests for this episode.  Spaz from Bully Gardens and Nick who is a recreational grower and medical supporter who leads a 5k group, the Oregon Recreational Marijuana Friends on Facebook.  They are also members of the closed group Nectarfam.  This is the group linked to the Oregonsonly/Nectar For The Gods nutrient line.  It is a closed group, but after spending a week being involved, it is obvious these folks are serious growers.  We talk about last weekends event in Coquille Oregon, what kind of grows they run, what each guest represents, and most important, the NFTG or Nectar For The Gods nutrients line they use.  Lady Sativa talks Oregon Canna News and Higherpeaks breaks down the OR grow.  Oregon love.

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