The Dirt Show: Episode 0

Welcome to Episode Zero of Oregon Rooted: The Dirt Show.  We say 0 because this is the episode we tell you what were about.  We are all about Oregon’s Cannabis Culture and everything it represents.  We are here to bring you the best podcast celebrating that culture.  We want to bring this community together where all this can take place and be able to share our ideas and form a network of growers, dispensaries, farms, and people who represent the community, and are involved.  We want to be the voice of the Oregon culture and have people be able to share their ideas, thoughts, and simply share what Oregon is doing, right here, through the Podcast, to the rest of the world.  All of our listeners will have an opportunity to be on the show as well as we will have voices from all facets of the community. The show will have Oregon news, reviews, interviews, and plenty of grow talk.  Oregon Rooted supports “growing your own” and wants to share Oregon grow knowledge for beginners, advanced, and expert cannabis growers.  We will look for the best products sold in Oregon, test them, and let you know which are the best, and give a few of those products away.  Prizes, contests, and entertainment like the Oregon Cannacache is soon to follow.  Go to, become a member of the community and share your knowledge!  You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, check us out on Instagram, and Tumblr.