Episode 13: Kenevir

This week Higher Peaks, Lady Sativa, and West Kush head out to Golden Beaver Farms for a long awaited visit.  The hosts spend the day talking cannabis and helping with a harvest of King Cake, a new favorite.  Higher Peaks catches up with Jason from Kenevir Research on their August seminar topic, Terpenes, The Science of Plant Oils, and we also go into some depth on the recent DEA decision to not reschedule, the DMV, and how THC is handled concerning DUII’s.  This show is full of valuable information, so grab your favorite strain and piece and join us for our weekly journey.  Also check out our new supporter Vaporous Technologies and their J-Pens.  Use the coupon code ‘Rooted’ for a 25% discount at checkout!

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Kenevir Research

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Taming THC

The Effect of Cannabis/Alcohol While Driving

Sobriety Test Study

Blood Levels Do Not Predict Effects of THC With Different Exposures