88: Curious About Cannabis

We’re back for a new season!  We are excited to be releasing our first episode, starting with a previously recorded sit down with Jason Wilson, M.S., the Producer and Host of Curious About Cannabis.  Leading the way with his company, Natural Learning Enterprises, Jason has established multiple platforms including hosting 2 podcasts, Patreon, Natural Learning Enterprises, An educational book, and web based courses.  He is also working with colleges and a cannabis curriculum that is being adopted across campuses Nation wide.  With so much to catch up on, we had an intense talk about cannabis and lucid dreams, PTSD, edibles, side effects, body chemistry, toxic additives, and good manufacturing practices.  The best part, though, is the last hour where we have an intense convo about ‘Silo Thinking’, Silent Drug Censorship, and drug decriminalization.  We go deep so grab your medicine, roll it, pack it, and sit back as we kick off the new season.