85: Good Earth Organics

This week we sit down with Lee Spivey from Good Earth Organics. Having already been on the show (see episode 44), G.E.O. is a Southern Oregon company that empowers growers and gardeners to consistently and cost effectively grow high quality plants that are healthy for people and the planet. We talk about some soil science including defining living soil, reamending, drainage, different mediums, feeding, using biologicals, autoflowers, and give a brief mention on the Canna brush. Good Earth Organics has been setting standards for Southern Oregon and now being Certified Clean Green, acquiring CDFA, and being OMRI listed is pushing this soil into being a leader in cannabis grows big or small. Grab your favorite flower and sit down with us as we dive into the world of living soil and find out why this organic soil sets the bar for Oregon cannabis, on this week’s The Dirt Show.

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