81: Oregon Fires

This episode we take a moment and talk about Southern Oregon burning down. In a matter of days, 5 towns get heavy damage from an onslaught of local and regional fires. In fact most of the PNW was engulfed in flames. We lost our dispensary, studio, and several friends lost their homes. The damage was extensive and will take years to recover from. We wanted to chat about it so that people could hear first hand. Don’t stress though because we fit in some grow talk as well. It’s been one hell of a year and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, so sit back, lets get high, talk about fires in our bowls and fires in our forests, and pray the cost of cannabis doesn’t go up.

UPDATE: The fires in our area have been contained and the majority of smoke has dispersed. The evacuation levels have dropped and people have been allowed to get back into the areas of damage to try and sift through the burned wreckage. People continue to be homeless and are still fighting to find places to live.