76: The World’s Last Hope

The World’s Last Hope joins us this week to talk about everything Korean Natural Farming, and Modern Natural Farming. You sent in questions, we had them answered, and this guy knows his shit. Much of what we throw away can be used as organic nutrients, IPM, and beneficials. What you don’t have can be grown, and what you don’t grow can be sourced from your local area much cheaper in bulk than making traditional purchases. Add those bennies to the fact that it can be done to scale and compliments closed loop farming, permaculture, and biodiversity makes it a valuable skill and method. Whether you go all in or make a few nutes on the side, check this one out. Links to Last Hope’s full recipes can be found on his IG bio, our bio, and on our website after release. Grab a fat joint and a note pad, this is good info to keep on hand. Stay Rooted!