71: Tyron Player feat. Bremer

Representing Oregon’s cannabis culture as the ‘King of So. O.’, Tyron Player sits down with us to talk about his new album called ‘Head in the Clouds’, releasing April 30th. His new album is a rebranding from his days as Josia. This time around, Tyron wants to bring a personal and more intimate feel with his music and life. The tracks produced by this artist is nothing short of unique and is full of depth and style. By his side is business partner and best friend Bremer. Bremer is an artist from Chicago, transplanted here to represent the West Coast vibe and music. Bringing all the love, Tyron and Bremer continue to bring genre shattering vibes to Southern Oregon. Check out the new album on your favorite music platform starting April 30th. Tyron Player, Head in the Clouds.