58: Organarchist

Organarchist a.k.a. J.B., is a well known breeder, homesteader, and closed loop farmer, living in Southern Oregon, that has spent the last few years developing his Ripcord genetic line. Searching out the gassiest strains, he made the Ripcord F1, F2, Beefcake, Sour Candy Cookies, and Sour Master Chem. This year he is looking forward to the RC F3, and furthering the lineage with other crosses. Appearing on episodes 37 and 47, he returns on episode 58 to share more dank grow knowledge, bring a shit ton of laughs, and to spread that Oregon love on this week’s, The Dirt Show. Grab a fat blunt, preferably of some Ripcord, and kick way on back for this one.

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