#23: Jason W./Kenevir Research

We catch up with Jason Wilson from Kenevir Research this week and clear the air concerning the newest changes to the regulations on December 2nd.  He explains how to work with your trusted lab and streamline a very complicated process.  He also shares some great information on pesticides and what to look out for.  Come on join us for one of the most informative shows yet!


Primary things that have changed since podcast recording date of December 12th that affect what was said:

1) Cannabinoid product batch sizes have now changed from 1000 units back up to 32,000 units. (I mentioned that batch sizes were capped at 1000 units, which WAS true between Dec 2 and Dec 15…)

2) Increments that we are required to collect for extracts and concentrates has been redefined once again to be at least 1g increments. (I mentioned that they had removed this requirement and so we had a bit of flexibility on how much sample mass we collect per increment, but that’s not correct anymore.)

This is just one example of many that shows what the industry is going through and how it is affecting all parties on an ongoing basis.

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